Natural collagen for wrinkles

Collagen is a protein that forms flexible fibers which have the function of resisting the forces of traction in the skin and muscles. Collagen also forms in bone tissue and cornea. In each case, the structure will vary depending on the function of the organ.

Now, collagen plays a very important role in well-being and, of course, in our physical aspect. In fact, when we notice that our skin is losing flexibility and loziness it is because it has started to lose collagen. The lack of collagen in the skin is responsible for aging as well as the fall of facial tendons and muscles.

The good news is that, in addition to all the chemicals that exist on the market, the loss of collagen, which is a natural process, can be attenuated and improved through extremely healthy and, above all, very economical natural ingredients and processes.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to keep your skin flexible and firm longer, without having to go to expensive or invasive treatments.

The magic ingredients of this recipe are well known for their moisturizing properties and their regeneration power of tissues: it is aloe vera or aloe and coconut oil. not for nothing, ingredients such as aloe are used in the regeneration of skin remains and other skin conditions.

Look at the recipe:


  • Aloe vera: the glass of a leaf or penca.
  • Coconut oil: one part.


This recipe is really very simple. You will need to mix in more or less equal parts the aloe vera or aloe glass with coconut oil, and this mixture should look more or less pasty.

Then cleanse your skin properly to remove any impurities and take full advantage of the recipe.

Apply the mixture to the skin and let stand for a few minutes.

As time went on, you will simply have to remove the mask with plenty of cold water.

Repeat twice a week.

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