Lose up to 6kg in 30 days drinking tea

In this article, a delicious recipe is presented that will help reduce measurements in a very short time and reduce the waist.

This drink will speed up metabolism. In addition to helping control diabetes and cholesterol, it reduces swelling and improves bowel function.

It improves food digestion, has a high potassium content, helps eliminate sodium, which is primarily responsible for swelling.

It is very simple and is made with only 3 ingredients: apple, cinnamon and ginger.


Apple facilitates weight loss and is rich in substances that fight free radicals and delay aging.


Cinnamon prevents diabetes and stimulates insulin production, and has active agents that make it difficult to absorb fat.


Este es el favorito de todas las dietas, el jengibre es un excelente estimulante del metabolismo y excelente para reducir el colesterol.

A seguir, se explica cómo preparar la mezcla.


  • Agua: 1 litro;
  • Canela: 4 ramas;
  • Manzana rojas: 3 en rodajas;
  • Jengibre rallado: 1 cucharada sopera.

Preparation mode:

1. Gather all ingredients together and bring them to a fire.

2. Let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Turn off the heat and strain.

Once warm, take the first fasting cup. The other cups should be consumed half an hour before lunch and half an hour before dinner.

Apple should not be replaced by tea bags or sagging that are sold in supermarkets, as they are industrialized and do not have the same active properties as an infusion made of natural fruit.

As a precaution, hypertensive people should not consume this tea.

Drink it for 30 days.

You can take a 7-day break and take it for 30 more days.

Important: The tips in this article do not replace a doctor’s opinion!

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