I need to lose 20 kilos! How am I going to make it?

Overweight or obesity is a problem suffered by many people around the world. This has worsened in recent decades with the proliferation of junk food, ready-made meals and people’s lifestyles. Faced with this situation, when people realize that they have put on weight, they consider dieting and how to achieve weight loss. If you’ve ever told yourself: I need to lose 20 kilos!

I need to lose 20 kilos! How am I going to get it?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people say, “I need to lose 20 kilos. I have done various diets and never achieve my goal.” First of all, you have to keep in mind that losing so many kilos is not a thing that is achieved overnight, much less.

Enmagrecer requires sacrifice, effort, perseverance and being truly aware that it will not happen from one day to another. Losing 20 kilos must be patient and with great will. You have to think about it in the medium run. This way, you won’t create false expectations, nor will you fall apart when you see that after a month you haven’t lowered everything you wanted.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you have to move certain habits. Therefore, if you are one of those who say “need to lose weight 20 kilos” and you are convinced that you want to do so, know the 4 guidelines that you must modify.

Set an achievable goal

As mentioned above, it is impossible to lose 20 kilos of blow and pound. But if you set yourself an achievable goal like losing 4 kilos per month, when you see that you get it you will cheer yourself up and continue with more motivation with the plan.

Be aware of what your routine is

Although 4 kilos is a feasible thing, you have to be constant to be able to lose them. Therefore, you need to consider your habits to know which ones may stand in the way of your goal.


Food, of course, is the fundamental and most important part when it comes to weight loss. Dieting does not mean seating, but feeding well and making all 5 meals. The best thing is that you put yoursped in the hands of a professional who can make you a blueprint that suits your needs.

Physical activity

Sport is the icing on the cake that will make you achieve your goal. It is proven that after 21 days every activity becomes a habit. Even if it’s hard at first, then you’ll see that it starts to be part of your routine and that you even enjoy exercising.

By following these tips you will see that in the medium term, you will achieve your goal.

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