Decrease the fat in your arms and abdomen in just 7 days with this diet

We know that when it comes to losing weight and measurements, there are areas of our body harder to attack than others, those are specifically the arms and abdomen. But don’t worry, today we bring you a special 7-day diet, which combined with performing exercises located in the different areas will allow you to reduce those measures you want,

The main basis of this diet is not to mix foods from the same group of foods in the same meal.

Recommended time: 7 days maximum.

Expected results : fat lossand measurements.

Do not expect to lose many kilos when performing this diet, the important thing is that it will help you reduce measures. It can be very useful to perform it after decembrin feasts, to recover your body’s measurements or before starting a healthier eating regimen.


  • Eliminate sugar intake, replace with sweetener.
  • You can drink hot infusions during the afternoon or morning.
  • Para calmar la ansiedad puede consumir sin restricción gelatina de dieta y zanahorias.
  • Debe beber dos litros de agua diarios como mínimo para mantener su cuerpo hidratado.
  • En lo que se refiere a frutas, sólo pude consumir: naranja, fresas, kiwi, pera, piña, manzana, mandarina, arándanos y ciruelas.


Deben ser iguales los siete días. Se componen de una toronja entera o en jugo, una rebanada de pan integral y un pedazo de queso. Debe acompañar con la infusión de su preferencia.


Té, zanahorias, apio o gelatina dietética (Seleccione sólo uno cada día).


Día 1: Sólo podrá consumir verduras crudas (además de su merienda y desayuno). Puede consumirlas enteras o hacerlas en jugo.

Día 2: Sólo podrá comer frutas, nuevamente, además de su desayuno y merienda, de preferencia aquellas bajas en calorías como la patilla, la naranja o el melón.

Día 3: Podrá consumir todos los lácteos que desee, inclusive puede consumir huevos cocidos.

Día 4: Debe mezclar frutas y verduras crudas.

Día 5: Puede almorzar y cenar carnes rojas (pero sólo hasta 500 gramos al día)

Día 6: Puede consumir carnes blancas como pollo y pescado tanto en el almuerzo como en la cena, nuevamente sin exceder, en este caso, los 700 gramos diarios.

Day 7: the last day is free but we invite you to eat in moderation, it is important not to fall into cravings or excesses. The idea is not to lose what we have advanced

Please note that you cannot exchange the days, you must strictly follow the order presented.

Recommended exercises:

We do not recommend high-impact cardiovascular exercises, as during these days your body will be receiving little caloric load and it would be dangerous to force it through this type of exercise. Instead, it is best to perform series of fast lifts of half a kilo on each arm along with abs.

Important: for no reason do this diet longer than we tell you, 7 days. Avoid putting your health at risk. Similarly, if you suffer from any health problems it is important that you consult your doctor before starting this diet.

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