Benefits of burning bay leaf

The bay leaf is very aromatic and appreciated in cooking and natural medicine, but did you know that burning the bay leaf can be one of the ways to enjoy the benefits of the plant? One of the main factors in making this possible is the presence of 16 phytochemical compounds, as one Embrapa study states.

According to Embrapa: “Essential oil contains geraniol, linalol, cineol, terpinene, eugenol and pinene, as well as organic acids, fatty acids and tannins”. These phytochemicals are excellent for treating various diseases.

Most of these compounds are suspended through smoke emitted when the leaf is burned, where its benefits come from.

What’s the good thing about burning the bay leaf?

This aromatic herb is much more than a spice. There are other ways to use this plant, such as infusions, essential oils and smoking. Learn about the benefits laurel burning brings to your body:

1. Reduce anxiety

Burning bay leaves helps reduce anxiety. Linalol, present in this herb, is a naturally sourced substance, being a phytonutrient.

2. Relieves head dors

Cineol, elemycin and pinene help relieve headaches and migraines. Also, bay leaves are useful for fatigue cases because they provide that extra energy after a headache attack. Eugenol is excellent for improving pain, also taking action against viruses and bacteria.

3. Clean the respiratory system

The laurel is excellent for the lungs due to the presence of myrcene and eugenol. This is a fantastic natural medicine that helps clean the airways through the smoke of the bay leaves.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory action, which helps treat the upper airways more quickly, as it enters directly through them. It also contains pinene, which has bronchodilator and expectorant action, helping to improve flu, respiratory allergies, bronchitis and colds.

4. Fight bacteria

Geraniumol, also present in the humarada of the bay leaf, is an excellent antibiotic that fights (in the form of tea) bacteria such as E. Coli, 3 types of staph and candida albicanis.

In the respiratory tract, it acts against streptococcus pneumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes and streptococcus aureus, even through smoking, being interesting to treat respiratory problems.

5. Improve brain capabilities

Pinene, expelled from the leaves during the burning process, helps alleviate various problems such as anxiety, such as mentioned, paranoia and short-term memory loss, improving cognition.

This happens because of the action of pinene in the body, which acts as a protector of neurons, improving concentration, memory and lucidity.

How to burn the bay leaf

When burning the bay leaf, you should be careful to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

1. Place the leaves on a clay tray or another that may receive heat.
2. Keep away from curtains, clothing, towels or any material that may catch fire.
3. Use two or three sheets at a time for expected effectiveness.
4. Let the smoke spread through the house.
5. Do not inhale smoke directly, let the scent invade the environment and enjoy

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