7-herb tea that helps you lose weight! Know its properties

There is no denying the power of medicinal herbs and infusions to lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way. If only one ingredient, such as ginger or hibiscus, can reduce measurements, then imagine a tea from 7 different herbs!

Because it exists, it is very famous, but it is also surrounded by controversies. Learn what herbs are used, their side effects and how to prepare the drink.

What 7-herb tea is for

The drink is composed of 7 different herbs. It can be consumed hot or cold and its flavor is unique, as well as the mixtures, which vary greatly, depending on the purpose of those who ingest it.

For example, 7-herb tea with spiritual benefits contains rough, petiveria alliacea, rosemary, diephebakia, st. George’s sword, basil and pepper, plants known for their use for protection in some religions.

However, many people are looking for 7-herb tea to lose weight. In this case, the drink is composed of the following plants:


It has a diuretic and purifying action and regulates blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes. In addition to that, it aids in digestion as it contributes to the production of gastric, bile and pancreatic juice.

Mate verde

It stimulates blood circulation, has a diuretic function and facilitates digestion, benefits that promote weight loss. It also promotes a sense of well-being, muscle recovery and stimulates blood circulation.

Green tea

One of the most well-known thermogenics for weight loss also helps burn accumulated fats, is highly diuretic and facilitates digestion. Green tea also prevents strokes and stimulates the central nervous system.


Antidepressive, sedative and hypotensive, melisa fights gases, intestinal cramps and swelling, as well as contributing to bile production, which helps with digestion.


Con un efecto calmante y antidepresivo, protege la mucosa intestinal y estomacal y alivia los cólicos menstruales e intestinales. Ayuda en el proceso digestivo y en el tratamiento de resfriados y bronquitis asmática.


Con propiedades digestivas, la menta previene los gases intestinales, el síndrome del intestino irritable y la inflamación intestinal. También se usa para tratar enfermedades respiratorias.

Cymbopogon citratus

Con acción analgésica y calmante, está indicado para tratar la ansiedad, el nerviosismo y el estrés, todas ellas condiciones que favorecen el aumento de peso.

Es posible sustituir algunas hierbas con otras cuyas funciones son específicas para adelgazar.

Good examples are the ponytail, which fights the flaccid toxins resulting from weight loss; boerhavia diffusa, a highly effective diuretic; maytenus ilicifolia considered a natural laxative; and fucus, which acts on thyroid regulation.

Infusion contraindications

Tea, in general, is highly digestive and has a diuretic function, which helps you lose weight with health. However, some precautions need to be taken.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid drinking tea, as mixing herbs can have abortive effects and affect milk production. People with kidney or liver problems should also avoid it.

Different active substances can cause side effects, such as pressure drop, abdominal cramping and decreased absorption of vitamins and minerals due to the diuretic effect; excessively, can cause kidney overload.

Ideally, consult a specialist doctor, preferably a nutritionist, to find out if the drink is right for you and won’t harm your health. Please note that the data in this article does not replace a doctor’s opinion.

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