The lemonade diet is a fasting diet that relies on an entirely liquid-based diet.

Also known as the Master Cleanse, the lemonade fast is rumored to have wonderful benefits when it comes to weight loss as it is purported to cleanse toxins (Master Cleanse) and burn fat.

There’s a downside with this diet that most people aren’t prepared for with any juice fast.

Unfortunately, no solids are to be eaten for at least 10 days, which can make you feel very hungry.

Any participant in this diet will be getting their nutritional sustenance and caloric intake from a lemon drink you make and sweeten at home.

Although there are claims that this lemonade fast is able to burn fat, making you slimmer.

Throughout this article, I’ll be delving into the evidence for and against this diet to allow potential participants to decide if this diet is right for them.


The biggest hurdle to overcome with this diet is cutting out a lot of things that are bad for you as well as solid food.

Cutting out solid food in its own right is a hard thing to overcome when you consider that most of us have been eating solid food our whole lives.

There are 4 days of preparation you’ll need to undertake to help you acclimate to the lemonade cleanse.


On the first day, it’s important to cut out solid foods that are high in carbs like bread, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and anything sugary. You can get away with the odd bit of fruit though.


On the second day, try and accustom yourself to only eating a couple of pieces of fruit and treat yourself to a bowl of soup or broth.

A glass of grapefruit juice at some point in the day if you’re feeling unwell should help to perk you up.


On the third day, do your best to drink nothing but water but if you feel your blood sugar feels low, another glass of grapefruit juice will help.


On the fourth day, do the same as you did on the third but before you go to sleep try and have a cup of laxative tea.

You’ll also need to stock up on lemons, maple syrup (or honey), cayenne peppers and spring or distilled water. All of these items feature in the making of the drink. You also might want to pick up a drink bottle to put the drink in.


The instructions for making this drink are surprisingly simple.

The first thing you need to do is squeeze a couple of tablespoons of lemon into a glass or bottle.

Then add two tablespoons of maple syrup or honey, 0.2 grams of cayenne pepper and fill with 250-350mls of distilled or purified water, then your golden.

The key to this diet is consuming the drink mentioned above whenever you start to get hungry.

More than 5 of these drinks need to be consumed each day, but there’s not really an upper limit as long as you’re not over-drinking. Your body can’t handle more than a litre of fluid in an hour so you should avoid drinking more than 3-4 an hour.

Stimulating bowel movements during Master Cleanse seems to be a necessary part of the process, so you should drink a cup of laxative tea in the first day or two.

After this, because you’re not consuming much in the way of solids, you should have no problem with bowel movements not passing through.

The recommended duration of this diet is between 10-39 days.

This down to this diet being dangerous in the long term as it doesn’t provide adequate long term nutrition.

If after 39 days you don’t start eating properly again, you may develop health concerns including malnutrition.

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