“Live longer and give more life to the years.” The ‘anti-aging’ in times of pandemic

People’s concern about delaying the effects of aging has increased. We speak with a leading company in the sector to tell us all the secrets

Spain is the country in the world with the longest life expectancy except for Switzerland or Japan . People tend to die on average around the age of 83 . Hence, our country is a benchmark in terms of a healthy lifestyle and also based on an outstanding medical and health system. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, life expectancy has dropped by around two years less , according to the latest data. But advances in anti-aging therapies envision a future in which we will finally regain what we lost.

From time to time expert voices emerge announcing that in the coming decades we will not only live longer, but will take much longer to notice the ailments of old age. Many even dream of a future in which death is optional. Logically, it depends on the lifestyle that each one has led. But what is clear is that the most recent advances in treatments to delay aging make us imagine with eternal youth, the desire of every human being since the beginning of time.

“The molecular alterations that determine aging are the same as those behind Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoarthritis or cancer”

This is what Esther Anzola Pérez, CEO of Neolife, believes, a company that has spent years dedicating itself to recovering years of life for its patients, improving their well-being despite the passing of the years and preventing any possible disease that may weigh on their quality of life in the future. ” Our goal is to stop and slow down the aging process,” he admits to El Confidencial. “Under the umbrella of ‘anti-aging’ there are operations and aesthetic treatments or creams for the face and ways to do sports. We don’t do that, people get confused. We make a global evaluation of the patient, we analyze their degree of aging and introduce new science such as genomics, telomeres, the biological clock … to gain a deeper understanding of the patient’s health status and treat them in the best possible way. “

The ‘medical management of age’

Anzola calls his technique ‘ Age Management Medicine’ which, as its name suggests, refers to ‘the medical management of age ‘, so his services do not consist simply in stopping the inexorable erosion of the years in the body and mind of a person, but to explore the patient’s health status to anticipate problems that may arise and prevent possible future diseases.

“The most fascinating thing that has happened lately, in my opinion, is to discover that the molecular alterations that determine aging are the same that are behind diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer or osteoporosis”, asserts the CEO. “That is, diseases that we only thought were more frequent in older people, and that cause more death and disability, are caused by the aging process itself, so if we act on it, we are able to anticipate them.”

The ‘anti-aging’ professionals treat the symptoms of menopause, decreased intellectual or sexual capacity and weight gains

But specifically, what are the pathologies that are treated by ‘anti-aging’ clinics like Anzola’s? “Typical symptoms of menopause and postmenopausal in women or of andropause in men, decreased intellectual performance, loss of vitality and energy, typical emotional disorders such as bad mood, pessimism or irritability , uncontrolled increases in weight or fluid retention, the progressive loss of muscle mass, decreased physical and sports performance, as well as sexual or libido … and also joint and muscle aches and pains “, sums up the CEO.

His patients include “women with menopause symptoms, businessmen and corporate executives who are tired or who perceive that their intellectual performance has dropped, people who want to lose weight and realize that with age it costs more or want to improve their habits nutrition in general, actors who have problems memorizing texts, as well as men and women who notice a decrease in their libido “. As we see, the ‘anti-aging’ not only prevents physical or natural diseases that can occur, but also related to cognitive impairment and sexual capacity.

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In recent months, Anzola recognizes that there is a greater interest on the part of the general public in everything that has to do with reducing the effects of aging. And especially in the wake of the health crisis, which has sparked even greater health concern. ” People have more information, they are bombarded about the risk factors that make Covid-19 worse , and they have realized that the worse it is and the more comorbidities it has, the more likely it is to have a fatal outcome,” he says.

What has happened to the patients at your clinic who have tested positive for coronavirus during these months? ” More than 30% of them have been infected, all of them at risk ages,” says Anzola. “Statistically, several of them would have had to have passed the disease in a serious way or even have died. But in the end all have had it at home, with more or less symptoms, but without seriousness. Clearly, prevention makes the difference “.

Consult with a professional before acting

Due to the fact that people are very informed, there is also a great possibility of ending up resorting to tips and tricks that proliferate on the web to slow down aging. And not all are good. ” The path to health must be made hand in hand with someone who knows about it and controls everything that can happen, monitors essential biomarkers and proposes strategies with solid scientific evidence behind, and very importantly, that are suitable for the patient” , emphasizes the CEO. “Intermittent fasting is not for everyone, neither is taking metformin or any supplement.”

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Finally, Anzola proposes a series of tips or measures aimed at taking better care of health and slowing down the signs of aging. In his own words, “anyone who wants to live healthy and feel young should do regular physical exercise, at high intensity intervals, but above all something that fills him up and hooks him”, compatible with “a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins from fish and white meats, avoid processed foods, flour, saturated fat or soft drinks, and eat less than you would like or should “. Of course, no alcohol or tobacco. It is also necessary to “control stress, have a correct night’s rest and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life regardless of how bad it may appear.”

In the same way, he recommends “taking supplements in case there is a deficiency , such as a good multivitamin.” But he also warns that “watch out for the supplements on the market and the doses they provide, not all are the same or work.” Therefore, it is best to always consult with a professional or specialist. ” To age well, you have to know how you are aging, ” Anzola concludes, hence the need to do a deep and active monitoring of your health and by health services.

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