Easy Hairstyles to Make Side Braids Step by Step

Braids are a classic hairstyle that sets trends and highlights the looks, they are one of those styles that everyone looks and is appropriate for any type of event.

The options are endless from the most elaborate, indicated for formal events such as weddings or baptisms, to the simplest and most informal, ideal for getting us out of a hurry when going to the gym or wanting to wear a different but very feminine look in our day. a day.

The braids side are very easy to knit and look so elegant and lighthearted as you like, one of its major advantages is the versatility they provide and even take some time for processing after shots can practice complement your outfits with a simple hairstyle , romantic and beautiful.

Keep reading and fall in love with these beautiful proposals.

How to do side braids step by step?

We want you to be encouraged to experiment with side braids, so here we leave you a step by step on how to make a side Dutch braid.

Materials you need:

  • Hair brush.
  • Thin comb.
  • Pigtail.
  • Lacquer.


  1. Detangle your hair and comb it to the side without parting it.
  2. Separate a section on the side that has less hair, for this, take a strand at eye level and divide it into three strands.
  3. Begin to knit, separate the sections and begin to pass the right section under the middle one, and repeat with the left section.
  4. Start feeding the braid by incorporating strands of hair to each end before crossing them.
  5. Keep the hairline as a guide for the side braid to hold its shape.
  6. Repeat until you have covered the entire nape of the neck and have reached the other end.
  7. Finish weaving the excess hair by joining the three ends together underneath, as if it were a classic braid.
  8. Finish by tying your braid with a transparent ponytail or elastic so it doesn’t come apart.

 Some advices:

  • If you want a loose, modern look, don’t weave your braid too tight, and try to loosen some thin strands so they fall naturally.
  • If you want it to last longer, use fixing gel or hairspray and apply it to your hair once it is dry.
  • If your hair is cut in layers and you do not want them to come out by braiding, before starting to weave, apply an oil or balm to the ends to keep them in place.

Side Braid Types

With the side braids you can make all kinds of hairstyles, from the simplest to the most complex.

So, if you don’t know what style to wear, we present you the ones that stand out the most, so that you have an idea of ​​the wide range of possibilities you have to wear.

Side braids on loose hair

Side braids on loose hair

It is a casual style that adds a very chic touch to the hair without having to wear it completely collected.

Achieve a clean and charming look for day to day.

Ideal when you want to give your look a twist without getting an extravagant finish.

Side braids edgy designs

Side braids edgy designs

They consist of a set of thin root braids woven towards the middle of the hair in a parallel way.

Unlike the classic mini braids, this fabric is not carried to the nape of the neck, but is braided in a linear way up to the height of the ear or a little further back, to leave the rest of the hair loose.

There are many celebrities who have been made with this hairstyle, and the result it gives is a very punk style.

If you want to be inspired, you can see how Shakira or Kristen Stewart have looked in some of their public performances.

Side braids over bangs

Side braids over bangs

A way to hold your bangs while leaving your hair down.

It is enough to take a lock of both bangs, and proceed to braid them on each side of the head.

The result is two thin braids held at the height of the crown as a decorative point on the loose hair.  

Side braids with long bangs

Side braids with long bangs

Those who have long bangs and want to vary their look, can make it part of their braid by wearing it as a kind of front half crown, and leaving the rest of the hair loose.

Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston have woven their bangs with very flattering results.

Simple small braid

Simple small braid

They are super fast and practical, it is enough to weave a basic braid in the front part and proceed to fasten it with a hairpin on the head as if it were a crown.

Accompany them by shaping the ends with a pliers, and a little spray to maintain them.

Glued side braids

Glued side braids

Take advantage of the natural texture of the hair, to give volume to the hairstyle.

They are appropriate for all types of occasions, since, depending on the braiding, you can use from the most informal hairstyle to a romantic look that can be worn day or night.

Boxer Braids

Side boxer braids

In this look, the entire hair is collected in two braids that are located on each side of the head, starting at the height of the temple and culminating in the ends.

These braids go very well on long and short hair, they have been frequently worn by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian or Chiara Ferragni .

Vertical braids

Side vertical braids

Without a doubt this style is for the most daring.

If you want a new and standout look, proceed to weave three or four braids close to your scalp, starting from the bottom.

The essence is to finish them up at the top, to let the rest of the hair fall to the other side of the head.

Pigtail braids

Side ponytail braids

This hairstyle is appropriate in those hot climates where you want to wear your hair up, but without losing style.

Weave three or four medium-thick Dutch braids on one side of your hair, and pull them up so that they connect at the same point on the crown.

Comb the rest of your hair and tie it into a high ponytail.

Root side braids

Root Side Braids

Being part of many hairstyles, they constitute one of the most basic and used varieties of braids.

Its base starts from the three classic strands, but these are braided together taking external strands that are joined to the original three.

Its particularity stands out in its ability to enhance features and clear the face.

Some styles of these root braids are:

Side full braid

Side full braid

Those who wear this hairstyle stand out a lot, since, despite being lateral, this braid covers the entire hair in an S shape.

It begins with a root weave on the front part that is woven towards the side, once the height of the ear is reached, the direction of the weave is reversed until reaching the bottom of the other ear, to finish weaving the rest that remains loose on one of the shoulders.

This style will not leave you bad at any event.

Dutch braid

Side Dutch braid

It starts with 3 strands, which must be woven together with the French technical characteristic, but instead of weaving inwards, the weave goes from the inside out, highlighting the braid above the hair, and giving it volume.

To make it lateral, this braid begins on one side, at the height of the temple, and is carried backwards skirting the head and taking strands, which can be either to leave only half of the hair woven, or by weaving the entire of the same to leave it collected.

In this way, depending on the style, the hairstyle can be finished with ponytails, bows or with the hair down.

Braid pin

Side spike braid

This braid provides a very elegant hairstyle.

Its execution is very similar to root braids with the difference that much thinner locks must be taken.

This is what gives them their characteristic finish, but their execution requires a greater investment of time.

You can start this braid on the crown or on the forehead, and if you want a more modern and youthful touch you can ruffle it from the beginning, drop a fringe, or leave hair loose at random.

Side braid with low ponytail

Side braid with low ponytail

The idea is to make a root braid glued over the ear and finish it when it reaches the nape.

Hold with a transparent elastic and proceed to collect all the hair in a low ponytail.

You can make 3 to 5 mini braids glued from forehead to crown, or even finish weaving at the ends to leave the remaining hair down.

You will love the result.

African side braids

African side braids

These braids never go out of style, and what’s flattering is the high durability they provide.

Like root braids, they start at the scalp and work up to the ends.

The result is a very tight, closed braid that, depending on the braid and location, can give the appearance of a shaved look.

Mini root braids

Mini root braids

They are very thin root braids that are woven on the side of the head and held at the nape with the help of a hairpin.

They look good with any type of hair, and allow the user to take advantage of the texture of this to give a formal or casual touch. 

Depending on the amount of hair and the style you want to wear, these braids allow you to play according to taste, being possible to weave only one braid for a basic hairstyle, or two or more braids along the entire side.

Tight micro braids

Tight micro braids

They look beautiful on long and short hair, Jessica Alba and Carrie Underwood tell us about it.

It is enough with a single micro braid on one of the sides that goes down in line from the forehead to the nape of the neck, to accompany and highlight the rest of the hair, which can be loose or in a high ponytail.

Multiple micro braids

Multiple micro braids

If you are more daring, get several side root micro braids, enough to cover half of your hair, and let the rest of your hair enjoy the outdoors.

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