22 Best Images of African Braids 2021 Trend in Afro Hairstyles

African braid styles in blue coloring giving an original hair style and that is often considered within the rare hairstyles for its rare hair dye.

Blue African Braids Styles

These short box braids are widely used in short haircuts for girls who like afro hairstyles, it is ideal because it is easy to maintain and wear in your hair. They are haircuts for girls with black skin generally but this style is adapting to any type of skin today.

short box braids

Box braids are here to stay and that is shown by the passage of time that they continue to be valid in afro hairstyles that are with braids. Many times a wig was used for this style but now the natural is beginning to prevail, although you have to have abundant hair.

afro braids hairstyles

These braids for black women stopped being simply characteristic of the clothes of the 80s where it was only characterized in black women. It is currently chosen by all types of races, skin pigmentation and especially in urban style.

African braids urban style

Black rose gold ombré braids are one of the hairstyles with African braids very chosen when it comes to changing your look and entering this world of braiding. At one time, braids with false hair were widely used since women did not have the length of their hair or the layers that they needed hair to show it off.

Black rose gold ombre braids

Long braids are a good complement to change the look and set a style in which you want to show. What you have to consider is that this type of hairstyles is better to use when you do not have a low height since it will give the feeling of being shorter. It can also be used when having very hair braids with thread or implement with colored braids taking advantage of the length of the strands.

long braids

These hairstyles for brunette women are very beautiful, it serves to have an inspiration for your hair where you can change your curly hair for a touch of French braids or look for one of the known African braid styles.

box braids

Also if you dare you can first try with false braids as you fit or look for different catalogs or galleries of images with African braids where they show braid designs that you like and match the shape of your face. Also think about the casual style for women that you will generally wear so that it is ideal for your look.

African fake braids

Other very nice afro braids that look good if you have long hair and you can make a braid with a tail and it works if you have a curly hair style. I hope it serves as an inspiration for your hair.

afro braids

If you have a curly hair style you can make it as you can see in the photo hairstyles with ponytails and to give it a more chic touch you can use pink dye to have your pink braids and forget about your dark straight hair.

pink african braids

Curly-haired girls show a great personality with their style but this hairstyle also has to be accompanied by makeup that is consistent with the skin color you have. Also consider bob braids that never go out of style.

African braids bob cut

Colored dreadlocks are often confused with ombre box braids. Here is a nice example of a modern hairstyle made with braids with yarn, selecting a hair dye that is out of the ordinary but that is becoming fashionable every day. Remember to maintain the care of colored hair with natural hair masks .

colored dreadlocks

These braids are classic when it comes to choosing but it can be a good way to adapt them by bleaching the hair or giving it that relaxed hippie hair.

faded african braids

This idea can be useful if you have medium hair or you like hairstyles for medium hair where braided hair is your main option. This can be another example to make your natural hair in African braid styles.

blonde african braids

African braids with extensions is a good idea to opt for a change and extend your hair in a way that looks as natural as possible. It can be applied to medium hair and added depending on the quality of the extension you add.

African braids with extensions

You can use some bows or apply as accessories in the hairstyle that will look great by cutting the natural hair color that you have in your hair look. Remember that these braids for loose hair are ideal until you get used to it.

colored braids with ribbons inspirations

If you want to wear a good combination of African braiding with colors, this is ideal although you have to be careful in the number of strands that you separate for each color as you can see in the image.

colored african braids

Another of the braid designs that I like where you have to take hair coloring into account. You have to keep in mind that at the beginning it is a big change, especially if we use straight or wavy hair.

pink hair african braids

Colored dreadlocks can be a good choice if you are also determined to adapt your makeup to the color of the chosen dye. It shows a lot in the braids with extensions to make hairstyles that you like and want to achieve within the original as a highlight.

blue african braid

Wearing long braids in the root hair color is a good option especially for teenagers and young women. If you use braided hair and you do not want to mistreat it by changing color then it is always best to leave your natural color. Where you will also take care of your hair without chemical dye products.

african braids dreadlocks

Long, colored braids are the perfect mix if you want to attract attention and give a youthful and modern image. Within the African hairstyles it is one of the most sought after. And it stands out for its lively colors such as in this case the violet tint with a pink tint.

pink purple african braids

Short hair can also take thick braids for afro hairstyles, it is not only intended for long hair, although you always have more scope to create new hairstyles, it does not have to stop you.

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