How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top : 10 Proven Ways To Do It

In this article, I will share with you how to get rid of your muffin top in 10 simple steps and get your summer body back.

I know how annoying it is and how it makes you look in your clothes.

Although the name sounds sweet, you’ll agree that it’s neither sweet nor cute having this excess flap.

how to get rid of muffin top

Getting rid of my muffin top was one of my main weight loss goals when I had to lose weight a few years ago.

But thanks to these simple tips I’m about to share with you, I finally buried it for good.

If you’re ready to learn how to lose your muffin top, keep reading!

As women, our body has this tendency to preserve our excess fat around our stomach and that’s the reason our top body part looks like a muffin after gaining a few extra pounds there.

The muffin top usually forms itself around our upper tummy and expands just above our waistline.

It’s this fatty part of our waist that spills over our pants or skirt and man it’s not pleasing to the eyes.

Fortunately, this not-so-beautiful fatty design, our body creates due to excess fats, can be eliminated with an enhanced diet only.

But if you want to get rid of it faster, adding in some workouts will do the job.

What Causes Muffin Top?

It’s pretty much impossible to define what is the real cause of you having a muffin top because there are various factors behind it.

Some common factors that cause a muffin top are mainly an unhealthy diet, a lack of physical activity, and inadequate sleep.

All these together will definitely contribute to weight gain and obviously, a muffin top.

Poor Diet

Eating the wrong foods on a daily basis will surely add to your waistline which, as a result, will develop a muffin top.

Processed foods are rich in calories and deprived of all healthy nutrients our body needs to stay in shape.

When foods don’t have the necessary nutritious properties, things like blood sugar level takes a spike and consequently, weight gain happens.

So, to reverse this process and get rid of your muffin top, a healthy and clean diet is the solution.

Lack of Physical Activity

Staying active is an essential part of our daily lives. Depending on your life routine, it’s true that you won’t have time to work out every day.

But I urge you to spare some time for a few light workouts, such as walking, jogging, or swimming.

Getting yourself active will have a positive effect on both your general health and weight loss. For instance, your body won’t have time to offer you its muffin top for display 

Lack of Sleep

Did you know that having enough sleep hours can contribute to weight loss?

In fact, studies have shown that a poor sleep pattern has the ability to promote weight gain.

So, this is to say that going to bed very late and waking up early is what will make you gain weight.

Again, a muffin top will, therefore, be unavoidable.


Stress has always been linked to all sorts of health issues.

And almost every person struggling with obesity can tell you that they are also struggling with stress.

According to medical studies, it is proven that chronic stress is one of the root causes of weight gain.

Why is that? When your body feels pressure, for whatever reason, it releases hormones that make you crave foods that are usually rich in both fats and sugar.

One of these hormones is cortisol.

When your body releases an excess of it, it’s basically passing a signal to your liver to increase its glucose level.

As a result, this spike will add to your waistline and belly.

Aging Effects

Although this is not the case for everyone, it is proven that people that have an unhealthy eating lifestyle and are entering their 50s have the tendency to develop more fat around the waistline.

In fact, for women dealing with menopause, the way their body works won’t be the same.

And this is why some women deal with muffin top as they enter their 40s or 50s.

What I understood, while doing some research was that when women are into their menopause phase, their estrogen level decreases.

This will, in turn, create a spike in their cortisol. And as we’ve seen a few lines before, cortisol is behind the building up of belly fat and muffin top.

Ok. Now that we’ve seen the causes of muffin top, it’s time that you examine yourself.

Ready to learn how to get rid of your muffin top for good?? Let’s dive in!

How To Get Rid Of Your Muffin Top In 10 Simple Steps

Clean Eating

how to get rid of muffin top

Changing your diet is a fundamental key to getting rid of your muffin top.

Of course, eating the right foods will help you burn fat and lose weight all over your body.

Therefore the first step in this quest of losing your muffin top is to:

  • Eat healthy fats
  • Add the good carbs to your plate
  • Drink healthy smoothies,
  • Good detox teas

Increase Your Protein Intake

The second thing you want to change diet-wise is to fill up with protein-rich foods.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of high protein consumption.

Protein is so beneficial for many reasons and increasing your protein intake will be a game-changer, believe me!

As a matter of fact, taking protein and lots of it will reverse the system.

Protein does not directly burn fat but as you take a breakfast rich in protein, you won’t feel any cravings whatsoever until lunchtime.

It’s the same for lunch!

Increasing your protein intake will keep you full for longer periods and will help you fight cravings and hunger pangs.

As a result, you start regulating your eating habits and in turn, this will help you lose weight.

Start Doing Cardio

how to get rid of muffin top

Cardio is a type of physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.

In fact, the purpose of cardio is to raise our heart rate, which has the power to make weight loss happen faster.

Cardio is usually short-length exercises but done regularly, like 5-6 days per week.

Again, staying active is one of the best ways to get rid of your muffin top.

When you combine exercising/cardio with a good healthy diet, you start getting in shape and that’s when muffin top starts to vanish.

Reduce Caloric Drinks

High caloric drinks are most of the time, the culprits behind weight gain, especially abdominal fats.

It’s also believed that even diet drinks should be banned from a healthy diet.

Many weight loss programs often suggest taking diet soft drinks but in reality, they can also alter your weight loss.

Simply because of the presence of artificial sweeteners in those supposedly low-calorie drinks.

It’s important to note that it’s not soft drinks only that are classified under caloric drinks.

But the list of caloric drinks also consists of energy drinks, sports drinks, and white wine.

Drink More Water

how to get rid of muffin top

The benefits of water in the body are endless.

Since I started my weight loss journey in 2015 and even after I reached my desired weight until now, I can’t get enough of my daily 3L water bottle.

I won’t say I make it a must to have lots of water but it’s more of a lifestyle now.

After learning about the contribution and the role of water in the body, you wouldn’t want to live one day without it.

When I did my water fasting diet, I obviously lived on water only for a week but the feeling after this was just amazing.

I really felt like my system was rebooted. I was more energetic and healthier than before.

With that said, know that muffin top can be destroyed with daily hydration, together with all those tips I’ve mentioned above.

Say No To Alcohol

how to get rid of muffin top

Alcohol is definitely a high caloric drink.

Consuming alcohol on a regular basis will surely increase your calorie level.

One thing that alcohol does in the body that will automatically promote weight gain is that it opens the gut.

By this I mean, it increases appetite!

Do you think it’s just for fun that people who are around their Chivasregal bottles are always snacking?

Nope! They are not just snacking but it’s because they are actually hungry (all the time).

Besides being a high caloric drink with lots of sugar, alcohol actually promotes weight gain by inciting appetite.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep should never be underrated! It has to be one of the most important activities of the body.

When you rest, your body doesn’t go dormant or inactive as some people think.

It’s pure myth IMO!

In reality, it’s backed by science that our body burns more fat when we’re actually resting.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of your muffin top, go to sleep! 

Fix Your Gut

The gut! One of the rare weight loss secrets, often underused and overlooked.

Did you know that a healthy gut is a key to losing stubborn fats, especially around the belly?

Dr. Steven Maisley made this amazing discovery of how a healthy gut is the fat loss switch that needs to be turned on.

The gut is essentially home to the good and bad bacteria in our digestive system.

Every food you eat passes through your gut and this is the place where foods are broken down and the nutrients are then distributed to your bloodstreams.

And it’s actually the good bacteria in our gut that helps burn fat and also prevents fat from being stored.

So, this means that the healthier your gut is, the more good bacteria it has.

And the more good bacteria your gut can retain, the more fat it can burn.

What does all this mean then? It simply means that fixing your gut is the path to destroy fats, stubborn fats like your muffin top!

If you want to know more about how you can fix your gut, learn how by reading this.

Do Targeted Exercises

To be able to lose your muffin top, it’s important to the right exercises.

For instance, doing exercises for the belly alone won’t help.

If you think that doing abs workout only will help you get rid of your muffin top, you’re wrong.

By doing this you will only work at toning your lower part of the body.

But for the purpose of muffin top destruction, you should instead target a few other parts of the body, that will contribute to waistline reduction.

Try A Detox Plan

Detoxification has always been linked to weight loss.

One of the ways you actually lose weight is by getting rid of toxins.

When you go on a detox, you will allow your body to flush out excess water that contains toxins.

If you really want to lose that muffin top fast and easily, a detox plan is a must.

Detox plans exist in different forms such as water fasting or drinking detox teas or juices.

There are various detox teas or shakes that can really help combat belly fat and reduce your waistline.

Therefore, if you choose to do a one week detox, you will really see how your body will crush this annoying muffin top.

5 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Want to give a boost to your weight loss and get rid of your muffin top quickly?

Try to incorporate these simple workouts along with your clean diet. You’ll thank me later!

Side Plank

how to get rid of muffin top

Side planks are exercises that target the obliques.

Since the muffin top, spills over to the sides, it’s good to do exercises that will crush those excess fats on the sides.

Doing side planks will not help destroy the muffin but they will also give more strength to your obliques.

It’s good to note that the parts engaged in this type of exercise are the chest, shoulders and hips.

I use this yoga mat below when working out at home:

Doing the side planks on a daily basis will definitely speed up your muffin top reduction.

You can hold yourself up for two mins while side planking. If you’re a beginner you might want to start for 30 seconds and gradually up your game, until 2-3 minutes.

The longer, the better!

If you’re not used to working out, you might shake while doing the side plank. Don’t panic though.

It’s just a sign of muscle weakness. All you have to do try other exercises that will strengthen your muscles, especially your back muscle.

As things progress, you will notice that the shaking will decrease and the planks will get easier.

Bicycle Crunches

how to get rid of muffin top

This is one of the best exercises that target both the sides and the abdomen.

While doing bicycle crunches won’t directly burn your muffin top, it’s the best exercise to target the deeper abs and obliques.

Because it’s not intensively working on the obliques as much as on the abs, doing this will burn very little fat.

For this reason, you might want to pair it with another workout for the best results.

Hanging Knee Raise Twist

how to get rid of muffin top

The hanging knee raise twist is one that’s not so easy for beginners but you need to try it.

Actually, it’s one of the most effective workouts that can burn those stubborn abdominal fats, contributing to your muffin top.

If you are a beginner, start by doing a 30-sec session. As you do it daily, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll be able to do it 2 mins max.

If you want to get rid of the muffin top obsession in a few weeks, the hanging knees raise twists is the ideal exercise.

Russian Twists

The Russian Twist is an exercise where you perform rotational movements of your hips.

They work great at destroying muffin tops and is highly recommended.

In fact, it’s so easy that even as a beginner you will be able to do it for a few minutes non-stop.

Note that you can do the Russian Twist on a daily basis.

It’s famous for its ability to burn calories fast, improve your posture and balance and of course, crush your belly fat.

Reverse Crunch

how to get rid of muffin top

Last but not least. The reverse crunch is one of the most powerful and effective workouts for losing the muffin top.

Reverses crunch is a better version of the regular crunches I can say.

It not only helps you burn calories but it pours out a huge amount of energy into your lower part of the abdomen for resistance.

When you do reverse crunches, the body deploys more energy to the lower part of the abdomen so it can support your upper body part.

That’s when you burn a lot more calories!

And yes it’s super authoritative when it comes to burning muffin tops.


If you’ve enjoyed this article on how to get rid of your muffin top and have applied the tips, let me know of your results!

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