3-Step Detox Plan For A Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever tried to do a detox diet for weight loss? If not, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of benefits both for your health and weight.

If you’re here on this blog post, I bet you’re tired of looking out for ways to get rid of your extra weight. Am I right?

If that is your situation right now, continue to scroll and you will find 3 easy steps to beat those extra pounds once and for all.

A detoxification diet is a specialized diet plan that you use only for a short amount of time.  Its purpose is to rid your body of accumulated toxins.

The main objective of this diet is simply a master cleanse that will help improve your liver function, fix your gut and obviously lose weight and get healthier.

1. The Carbs Detox – Give Your Body A Break

Studies have revealed that most Americans eat way more carbs than they are supposed to. The results of this is an excess of glucose.

As you already know, your system breaks down the carbs that you eat and transform these into glucose (sugar) and that’s where you get your energy from.

The problem is that an excess of glucose will not give you extra energy. Instead, the excess will get stored as fats.

And the worst is when you load up on too many carbs regularly, your body will come to a point where it can’t process it and that’s where someone becomes insulin resistant. As a result, that person starts showing signs of diabetes.

Why Is Important To Take A Break From Carbs?

Even if you’re not diabetic, pressing the pause button from carbs consumption can actually be extremely beneficial for your body. Please note that I’m talking about a temporary break 

Below are some healthy benefits of a carb detox:

1. Say Hello To Weight Loss

When you give up on carbs, your body will find itself forced to take its energy from another source, which is your fat storage. Since you will deprive your body of glucose and you still need energy every day of your life, your body starts burning those excess fats and produce energy from there. Is that what you’re looking for? I bet yes! 

2. You Will Eat Less

Before stepping into the healthy eating world, I always thought that the bigger my plate with many carbs is what will fill me up. But I was more than wrong.

Because it’s nutrients like fiber, protein and good fats that really provide this feeling of satiety and fill our stomach.

So, when you take a break from carbs for a while, don’t fear that you will feel hungrier.

3. Your Body Will Feel Different

When I started my low-carb diet a few years ago, I feared that I would feel sluggish all day. But believe me, the opposite happened.

Now, when you cut them carbs off, I promise you will feel better in your body, taking into account that you are taking all the nutrients necessary, for e.x protein to fill you up, water to keep you hydrated etc…

Many people have attested that they feel more energized during their carb detox. Some said they were healthier mentally as well because when they started seeing results in their weight loss, this motivated them and mentally they were better.

There’s a ton of other healthy benefits that you can experience when cutting off from carbs such as blood sugar spike regulation, less bloating, a healthier gut etc…

How To Start Your Carb Detox

Now let’s talk about how you should go about with carb detox.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, a detox is meant to be short. And I suggest that you do at least one week of your carb detox. Believe me you will feel and see the results from day 1.

You can go above that one week but do not go overboard. Your body still needs carbs (i mean the good carbs, the complex carbs)

Again, cutting off from carbs might be challenging for you but keep in mind that it’s not those refined carbs that keep you satieted.

So, the fix for this fear of not feeling full enough is to take high fiber low carb foods, zero calorie foods that have lots of fiber and water content. And of course, do not forget to drink lots of water, i.e a minimum of 8 cups every day.

What Can You Eat During A Carb Detox

The objective of this detox is to keep your body from carbs and sugar sources. That’s why you might see some items below that are healthy and natural but from which you must stay away for a short period of time.

  •  Chicken, beef, turkey or lamb
  •  Nuts and seeds
  •  Fish
  •  Leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, etc…
  •  Bread, rice, pasta
  •  Starchy stuff like potatoes, beans
  •  Sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread
  •  Fruits (excepts avocados which have a healthy fat content)
  •  Beets (they have a high sugar content)

Tip: When you finish your carb detox, please do not jump on eating your carbs like before. Restart gradually eating your carbs. For ex. the very first day, choose the minimum recommended carb of 40g-50g. You do not want to hurt your stomach as well. Carbs can hit us hard!

2. The Water Diet – One of The Best Ways For Detoxifying Your Body

detox diet for quick weight loss - water consumption

The second and most effective way to detoxify your body from toxins which will also result in weight loss is definitely drinking enough water.

It’s no secret that the most important and essential ingredient in a successful colon cleansing is water. Water is also the best booster for a guaranteed weight loss.

Normally a person should drink enough water, i.e, 8 cups of water daily. Some struggle to do so but I urge you to take it seriously as it’s among the best therapy for a healthy living.

You can also drink pure vegetable or fruit juices to help increase your fluid intake. 

Naturally, the juices should be organic and you can cut them with 50% water.  Why organic juices?  It’s because they are normally pesticide and chemical-free.

3. Add in Herbal Teas To Your Diet To Boost Your Weight Loss

detox diet for quick weight loss - herbal tea

In addition to the water in juices, you can drink green tea or other naturally decaffeinated herbal teas. 

Herbal teas such as green tea, kombucha, oolong tea, pu-erh tea or even black tea have amazing effects in a detox process.

There enough evidence to prove that herbal teas have the ability to reduce fat deposits in the liver, therefore improving your liver’s health.

Drink these sparingly and never when boiling hot.  If you need to sweeten the tea, use organic honey but use it so that it does not interfere with the goal of cleansing your system.

Bonus Tip: Eat Healthily For A Successful Loss of Extra Pounds

healthy foods to a healthy detoxification

While you are doing your detox diet, what you eat is just as important as what you drink. 

The key here is to lose the toxins and unhealthy chemicals that have accumulated in your body. 

The mainstay of your diet should be fresh, organic vegetables.  Be sure to also eat grains such as quinoa, brown rice or millet (after your carbs detox of course)

You should also eat peas and beans such as garbanzos, kidney beans and pintos.  This will help you feel full and more comfortable. 

Nuts are also a good addition to your diet, except for peanuts.  In short, you should stick with foods that are sugar and salt-free, organic, and high in fiber.

Final Thoughts On Your Detox Diet For Weight Loss

The key to a successful detoxification is to not starve yourself. 

Instead, create a menu that you can follow for about 10-14 days.  You can add spices as desired to foods that are high in fiber and are sugar and salt free. 

However, try to use a limited amount of salt.  Be sure to chew your food adequately, don’t eat on the run, and try to be calm and relaxed during your meals.

One Final Point: Make a plan. As the saying goes ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail.’

Whether it is someone else’s plan you are following or your own carefully thought out diet and exercise regime, you must have a clear understanding of what is expected of you and what to eat and when.

If you are not sure about how to proceed then inevitably you will fall back into old eating habits.

So plan for your success, stick to your diets and good luck!

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